Plane has to make emergency landing in Gran Canaria with engine problem
Water park accident leaves 7-year-old boy in serious condition in hospital
Residents continue fight with nightclub with over 30 complaints for noise
The Guardia Civil closes access to the summit of Gran Canaria due to ice
Chaos at Canaries airports due to the volume of tourist arrivals
Canary Islands surgeons extract a brain tumour from an awake patient for the first time
Woman arrested trying to smuggle drugs into Las Palmas prison for an ‘intimate’ date
The increase in Dutch and French visitors are behind the recovery of tourism
Man stabbed in the neck in a fight in Playa Meloneras
A large bundle of drugs gets washed up on Las Canteras beach
Six arrested for the sale of fake clothes valued at about 100,000 euros
10 people arrested for sending cocaine to the Canary Islands by post
Naked man arrested after dancing and making a ‘mess’ in the street
Jennifer Lopez is back filming in Gran Canaria
A motorcyclist loses a leg after an accident in Gran Canaria
19-year-old man arrested for murder after street fight in Gran Canaria
Police negotiator stops a man from attempting suicide in Gran Canaria
VIDEO: Controversy as firemen spray cat with water to get it off telegraph pole
The Council seals the accesses to the Plaza de Maspalomas commercial centre
Cocaine shipment worth 32 million euros intercepted in the Canary Islands