Chaos on the GC-1 motorway due to flooding and landslide
Apartment owners being fined €2,250 for renting them privately over Christmas
Couple arrested for stealing a tourist's purse and using her cards in Puerto Rico
Baggage delays and flight cancellations at Gran Canaria Airport in the last 24 hours
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The CHUIMI Hospital is operating at full capacity in ICU and wards
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Emergency on a Canarian plane: Passenger's life saved on Binter flight
Ben Kingsley and Aaron Eckhart are filming 'Deep Water' in Gran Canaria
IGN report a new seismic swarm between Tenerife and Gran Canaria
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More complaints about taxi shortages at Gran Canaria Airport
TUI flight to the Canary Islands declares emergency due to low fuel
Lopesan to invest €61 million building first new hotel in Maspalomas since 2009
A teenage girl is hospitalised after being runover in Las Palmas
Two men arrested for riding a motorbike without a license and carrying cocaine
VIDEO: The largest ship in the world is heading to the Canary Islands
Man dies after falling down a ravine in Gran Canaria
A 9-month-old baby is seriously injured in Gran Canaria
200 euro fine for parking his supercar in a disabled parking space