Drug dealing taxi driver arrested for selling cocaine to customers
Man stopped in the middle of the street with a bag containing 275,400 euros
Dead body of a man found in a ravine by a beach in Mogán
Fan dies in an accident at the Gran Canaria rally
A 12-year-old boy dies from drowning in Gran Canaria
One worker is killed and another is critically injured at a hotel in the Canaries
Three Moroccans attack a National Police officer with acid
Gran Canaria takes first step to being a venue for the 2030 World Cup
All occupants walk away from a very nasty car accident in Gran Canaria
Aldi opens their first two stores to the public in Gran Canaria
Missing tourist is found with sunburn, head injuries and very disoriented
VIDEO: Couple are caught on camera running from the scene of a car accident
La Garita beach is back open to the public after being closed for 10 days
Two arrested for scamming a million euros posing as stock investors of a US company
Is world cup football coming to the Canary Islands in 2030?
21-year-old charged for shining a laser pointer at police helicopter during carnival
British tourist dies after having heart attack and falling down some stairs
British man seriously injured after being stabbed in the neck during a fight
Arrested at the airport with 5kg of cocaine wrapped as a birthday present
La Garita beach is closed to the public due to a high level of bacteria in the water