Man dies after banging his head on rocks in the sea by La Laja beach
2.9 magnitude earthquake recorded between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura
Five injured, including a child under 5, in a multiple collision on the GC-1 motorway
Bars and clubs get the green light to reopen in the Plaza shopping centre
A tourist destroys a holiday home and throws furniture onto the street from a window
A hiker dies of cardiac arrest in Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria goes viral thanks to a piano player on the beach!
Red flags on Las Canteras beach due to the presence of Portuguese Man O War jellyfish
Five police cars chase a motorist through the streets of Las Palmas
The Local Police save the life of a pedestrian who had a heart attack in the street
A man attacks his partner and then takes his own life in Las Palmas
Dead body found floating in the sea by a tourist excursion boat
A man drowns in the natural pools of Los Charcones de Arucas
A seaplane surprises bathers and swimmers at Las Canteras beach
F-18 assists an Airbus with landing gear problems over the Canary Islands
Animal Welfare Association is investigated for illegally exporting 482 dogs to the UK
Police arrest man who killed his aunt then tried to commit suicide in Gran Canaria
The Maspalomas Parade attracts a record breaking 350,000 people
Why are there so many earthquakes between Gran Canaria and Tenerife?
Bonoloto makes someone a millionaire in the Canary Islands