National Police are investigating cyber attacks on nurses and TSJC by ‘anti-vaxxers’
One of the UKs Most Wanted is captured within 24 hours of appeal
The TSJC extends the mandatory use of the Covid certificate in the Canary Islands
The weather warnings continue for wind, rain and haze in the Canary Islands
New study shows that smoking on terraces spreads Covid up to 8 metres away
The Government has requested an extension of the mandatory use of the COVID certificate
The Canaries president says that 2022 is ‘The year of the comeback’
Twelve fugitives revealed in new Most Wanted campaign
The rain in Spain is mainly in the Canary Islands!
Gran Canaria and La Palma move to Level 4 from Saturday
A 4.8 magnitude earthquake is recorded today in Canarian waters
US anti-vaxx leader dies of Covid, supporters say she was murdered to cover up conspiracy theories
Tuesday weather: Rain this morning and haze this afternoon
The Canary Islands stay on a yellow weather warning with storms on the way
Air Traffic Controllers: A more intense calima will cause flight delays
A pre-alert for rain storms is declared for Monday in the Canaries
The calima descends on the Canary Islands and is more intense than expected
Spain will begin to monitor COVID-19 as an endemic after the sixth wave
Yellow weather warning for haze and strong winds throughout the Canary Islands
Teachers off sick with Covid has increased by 367% after the Christmas break