A cooler, windy, and rainy Sunday is forecast in the Canary Islands
Rain and weather warnings return to the Canary Islands this weekend
Confused? Here are the updated measures in all of the Canary Islands
Tenerife and Gran Canaria stay at Level 4 but with more relaxation of restrictions
Covid Certificate requirement for travellers from mainland Spain is extended
Clear and sunny skies across the Canary Islands this Thursday
The capacity of sporting events is being increased to 100%
Covid update: Active cases and hospital occupancy drop again in the Canaries
‘The Canary Islands continue to be the favourite destination of the British’
Hugh Elliott: ‘There is currently no negotiation to change the 90/180 day rule’
Sunny in the south, showers in the north, cloudy this afternoon
A cooler start to the week with some rain showers today in the Canary Islands
The Canaries will have ‘the minimum possible restrictions in the shortest possible time’
The arrival of trade winds clears the haze but lowers temperatures
OFFICIAL: 12 to 17 year olds can now come on holiday to the Canary Islands
The Government continues de-escalation of restrictions in the Canary Islands
The Government makes a new 'flexible' Level 4 for Tenerife and Gran Canaria
LATEST: All islands are staying at the same level for another week
TORRES: The elimination of restrictions for British travellers is ‘imminent’
The TSJC says no to approving Covid Certificate for later closing times