About Us

The Canarian Weekly started as a newspaper at issue 1, on June 23rd 1997, filling the gap in the market for a weekly publication in the Canary Islands.

The first issues received great praise from readers and advertisers alike, for making the bold step into producing a weekly newspaper – still the only weekly publication in English.

In December 1997 an exclusive deal was made with Thomson Holidays to distribute the Canarian Weekly directly to tourists at their welcome meetings, increasing readership and brand awareness, not only with the ex-pat market, but now with the tourist sector as well. This deal is still in place and now includes First Choice Holidays, so 1000’s of holiday makers enjoy the Canarian Weekly every week.

In November 2003, the Canarian Weekly was acquired by EmCan Media, joining forces with British radio station Oasis Fm, and moved to new purpose built offices in Las Chafiras in the south of Tenerife. The first issue (nº 329) under the new format, was distributed on November 28th 2003.

A new look and content were introduced to this already highly successful newspaper, with a comprehensive TV guide and more local news than ever.

In 2005 the Canarian Weekly gained OJD & PGD status, now having fully audited distribution in Tenerife.

In 2009 the Canarian Weekly news website was launched, giving an outlet for regular visitors to Tenerife to keep up to date with news on the island.

On April 14th 2017 it reached a new land mark, with the 1,000th edition being produced in it’s 20th year!

In 2020 the world went into lockdown and the last issue for the Covid period was printed on Friday 13th March, but the Canarian Weekly evolved again with a new website and increased content, covering all the Canary Islands, and national stories with links to the islands, and now shows in Google News.

Canarian Weekly……THE news service in the Canary Islands in English.