A cloudy Sunday with scattered showers at altitude
A rare biotoxin is killing dozens of dolphins around the Canary Islands
RESTRICTIONS UPDATE: Capacities return to 100% but still no dancing
AEMET reactivates weather warnings in the Canary Islands for more strong winds
The Canarian Government will continue to relax more restrictions today
Ukrainian sailor arrested for trying to sink Russian boss’s luxury yacht in Mallorca
The ‘traffic light’ alert levels in the Canary Islands are going to disappear soon
The UK’s most wanted woman is arrested in Spain whilst walking her dogs
A windy Wednesday in most parts of the Canary Islands
Sanchez reiterates that mandatory use of masks indoors will end ‘very soon’
UK travellers can now enter the Canary Islands with a Covid recovery certificate
The Canary Islands are only 1 of 3 regions in Spain with local restrictions
The islands continue with weather warnings for strong winds up to 90km/h
AEMET issues weather warnings for strong winds and forecasts rain all weekend
A cooler day with some showers before a wet weekend
Tenerife drops to Level 3 and the rest of the islands stay the same
UK driving licence holders now have until April 30th to change their licence
SANCHEZ:  We hope to stop the use of masks indoors ‘soon’
AEMET forecasts that the rains will hit the south of the islands today
Germany removes Spain, the UK and the US from their high-risk list for travel