Woman crashes car after having heart attack whilst driving
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BREAKING: Gran Canaria is on pre-alert for the risk of forest fires
A 27-year-old man dies after falling down a 15 metre high ravine
Serious accident as female driver falls asleep whilst driving and rolls her car
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Anfi del Mar is home of reality TV in the Canary Islands!
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Police find the bodies of two dead dogs floating in the sea, one with its jaws tied
American destroyer 'USS Roosevelt' stops in Gran Canaria for four days
Nearly 300,000 people attended Pride in Maspalomas
Man arrested for masturbating in front of teenage girls in a park
Van driver arrested in Gran Canaria with 360kg of hashish in the back
Woman gives birth in chemists after her waters broke in the street
Man faces 32 years in prison for abusing his underage stepdaughter for over a year
Man arrested for killing his 90 year old aunt and setting fire to her house
118 immigrants rescued in two inflatable boats heading to the Canaries