Port worker on sick leave sets up Europe’s largest cocaine lab in Spain
Binter starts flights directly from the Canary Islands to Ibiza
The west coast of Gran Canaria is shaken by three strong earthquakes
The Cabildo says that there will be no Uber or Cabify in Gran Canaria
Spa and Wellness Hotels in Gran Canaria: Relaxation and Rejuvenation
13 people arrested for drug trafficking between Gran Canaria and Tenerife
Emergency landing for Gran Canaria flight after being struck by a bird
The Plaza Commercial Centre is getting ready to partially reopen soon
Six injured in a head on collision between a school bus and a car
A hotel chain faces a fine of 100,000 euros for dumping rubbish on protected land
Air Baltic announces ten new routes from Gran Canaria this winter
The new Siam Park will be built in Gran Canaria
The ex-chef of a bar is arrested for stealing 430,000 euros from the owners
Two earthquakes of 2.5 magnitude are recorded in Gran Canaria
A naked woman is found dead at home in Las Canteras
Three boats with 154 people on board arrive in the Canaries in just a few hours
VIDEO: Police find cocaine hidden inside a Pringles can in Las Palmas
The Local Police save a baby dolphin that was stranded in Las Palmas.
A bar manager in Gran Canaria dies after being stabbed in a brawl