Covid update: Today is two years since the first case was detected in Spain
Covid update: 2,232 new cases and 29 deaths this weekend
The Canary Islands buy new monoclonal antibody treatments for Covid
Minister of Health: ‘All the data indicates that we have bent the curve’
Covid update: 12 more deaths as cases continue to drop in the islands
New website is launched to register positive self-diagnosis test results
Covid update: 100,000 active cases in the islands, only four deaths today
Covid update: 15 more deaths as cases and incidence rates drop again
Covid update: 2,495 new cases and 14 more deaths in the islands today
Can I get discharged from home isolation without seeing a doctor?
Covid update: Cases continue to drop but hospital pressure and deaths continue to increase
Covid update: 4,000 new cases and 24 deaths over the weekend in the Canaries
New cases and incidence rates continue to drop in the Canary Islands
Wearing masks on planes cuts risk of catching Covid by up to 12 times
Covid update: Daily cases and incidence rates drop again in the Canaries
Covid update: Incidence rates are falling for the first time since November
Covid update: 5,549 new cases and 5 more deaths in the Canaries
Over 30’s can now get their booster jab, wait since last one has reduced to 5 months
Active cases drop today with more people discharged than diagnosed for Covid
Covid update: The Canaries add 2,511 new cases and 10 deaths this Sunday