Covid update: Tenerife and Gran Canaria remain at alert Level 2
The HUC hospital in Tenerife has no Covid patients in ICU for first time in 2 years
A Spanish nurse is the first known case of Covid re-infection in less than 3 weeks
Many people still chose to wear masks on the day mandatory use was abolished
12 deaths and 1,682 new cases of Covid in the over 60s in the last week
VACCINATION UPDATE: More than 870,000 people have now had their booster dose
Companies will decide if you have to wear a mask to work or not
Covid update: 12 deaths in four days in the Canary Islands
Covid update: 8 deaths in the last three days including a 36-year-old
Tenerife and Gran Canaria remain at alert Level 2 and the rest of the islands at Level 1
Where will masks still be obligatory or recommended after April 20th?
The Canaries adds 871 new cases of Covid in people over 60 in four days
Vaccination Update: The Government insists that boosters are a necessity for everyone
The Ministry of Health proposes to end use of masks indoors at Easter
New monitoring system shows 954 new cases in the over 60s and 9 deaths from Covid
This is the last Covid Update: 4,087 cases and 9 deaths since Friday
No more Covid quarantine or sick leave for asymptomatic positives in Spain
Covid update: Hospital admissions drop by 37% in three days
Covid update: 5,426 new cases and 6 deaths since Friday
Public Health debate about masks and Covid isolation continues today