Covid update: 294,000 eligible people in the Canaries have not yet been vaccinated
Covid update: No deaths today and hospital admissions drop by 15%
Covid update: The Canaries has 1,158 new cases and six more deaths today
Covid update: Canaries President claims that some islands will drop a level today
The number of Covid patients in hospitals has reduced by 35% in February
Why have active cases in the Canary Islands dropped by 80% in 24 hours?
Covid update: Active cases drop by over 87,000 today in the Canary Islands
Covid continues to fall in the Canary Islands: 459 new cases and 6 deaths
Covid update: 872 new cases and 12 deaths in the Canary Islands
Chemists can now supervise self-diagnosis tests and send the results
Covid update: 5 to 11-year-olds start with second jab; 800,000 have had booster
Covid update: 5 deaths and another 1,312 new cases today
Covid update: 1,240 new cases and 9 more deaths in the Canary Islands today
Covid update: Hospital occupancy drops almost 5% in the last 24 hours
Covid update: The Canary Islands add 578 new cases and two deaths in the last 24 hours
Covid update: The Canaries add 1,147 new cases and three deaths today
Covid update: Data continues to drop, but the deaths continue at a high rate
Covid update: Vaccination starts in schools tomorrow with the Vacuna Buses
Covid update: incidence rates, hospital admissions, and the R rate have all dropped
Covid update: The Canaries start February with 1,545 new cases and 9 deaths