The SCS have started preparing the campaign for the 4th dose of Covid vaccines
21 deaths from Covid since Friday, a record number in the seventh wave
The WHO advocates wearing masks indoors: ‘COVID cases have tripled in Europe’
Hospitalizations for Covid have grown by 14.8% in the Canary Islands in the last week
Covid update: the 7-day incidence rate drops significantly
The Canaries doubles infections has ICUs on alert and 120 deaths since June
Brits face new rules in Spain if they test positive for Covid while on holiday
Covid update: Gran Canaria rises to alert level 3 for risk of infection
New campaign to encourage vaccination as cases and incidence are still rising
Covid update: 16 more deaths in the last 4 days, 52 so far in July
Temperatures will top 40°C again this Monday as heat wave continues
Latest Covid report reveals 2,364 new cases and 14 deaths in 3 days
Tenerife joins Gran Canaria at Alert Level 2 due to the risk of Covid
Sales of Covid antigen tests have tripled as infections continue to increase
Five Canary Islands now have incidence rates at ‘high risk’ for Covid
The Canary Islands do not rule out reintroducing the use of masks indoors
Ministry of Health recommend more use of masks and booster due to increase in Covid
Government: We will reintroduce restrictions if rise in infections impacts ICU's and mortality rate
The DGT have listed illnesses that prevent you renewing your driving licence
Spain is entering 7th wave of Covid but virus now affects people differently