51 people killed as boat sinks trying to get to the Canary Islands
The smoke cloud from wildfires in Canada will pass over the Canary Islands this Thursday
VIDEO: Fast ferry crashes into the dock in the Canary Islands
A merchant ship rescues 54 occupants of a small boat that was sinking in the Atlantic
Dead body of British tourist is found in sand dunes of Corralejo Natural Park
WARNING: Beach closed after unusual algae is detected on the shore
Green light given for major renovation of iconic seafront resort in Corralejo
A man is arrested for setting fire to 27 vehicles including a police van
20,000 euro reward to find windsurfing doctor who disappeared in the Canary Islands
VIDEO: The Guardia Civil seize more than 1,000 counterfeit items from a market
Health and Safety close the kitchens at a TUI hotel for hygiene issues
Three thugs who violently assaulted a British couple in their 70s are arrested
Female tourist saved from drowning in a hotel swimming pool
The wheels fall off the Corralejo Ferris wheel
Two dead in hotel room: Husband murdered his wife before committing suicide
GUARDIA CIVIL: Two people found dead in a hotel room
An Irish tourist is rescued from drowning off Playa Blanca beach
Ryanair ban drunk passenger who downed a bottle of vodka before flight
The Canary Islands spends 50 million on six new rescue helicopters
The Ferris wheel in Corralejo is closer to becoming a reality