Cardiosurgery in Germany

Cardiosurgery in Germany

Heart surgery is complex and unsafe. It is preferable to have your treatment in a good hospital with experienced and highly qualified cardiac surgeons to avoid complications and achieve good results so that you do not need to have a second operation after 1-2 years. If you do not trust doctors in your native country, you can contact one of the German hospitals.

Cardiosurgery in Germany is one of the most highly developed areas of medicine. Doctors at German Cardiac Surgery Centers perform the most complex heart operations, successfully curing even the most severe cardiovascular pathologies.

What kind of heart surgery can be performed in Germany?
Doctors at the Centres for Cardiovascular Surgery in Germany most often perform the following surgical interventions:

- Coronary artery bypass grafting is the most effective operation for treating coronary heart disease. Doctors create additional ways for the blood to move around the narrowed heart vessels.

- Heart valve repair surgery involves surgical procedures for suturing or patching the heart valve leaflets, implanting support rings, dissecting the fused heart valve leaflets, etc. Such interventions are most often performed on the mitral valve.

- Heart valve replacement surgery involves the implantation of artificial heart valves, whether mechanical or biological. More often than not, doctors perform aortic valve replacement surgery. In addition to conventional open-heart surgery, doctors also implant artificial heart valves using endovascular techniques or through short chest incisions.

- Surgical repair of congenital heart valve defects is also available in Germany. Successful interventions are performed in patients of any age, including premature new-borns. Doctors usually manage to completely normalize hemodynamics. The majority of patients treated in Germany will not need any repeated interventions in the future.

Why is it best to have your surgery in Germany?
If you are undergoing your heart treatment in Germany, you can be sure of a good result. Doctors strive to perform surgical interventions using minimally traumatic techniques. Cardiovascular surgeons are increasingly performing endoscopic surgery rather than open surgery. Whenever possible, doctors refuse to use a heart-lung machine, which may cause complications. They use modern techniques to protect the myocardium and brain from a lack of blood supply.

Some severe heart conditions can be treated with minimally invasive surgery that is performed from inside the blood vessels. Endovascular techniques are often used to repair or replace heart valves, eliminate heart arrhythmias, treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and many other congenital heart defects.

The best clinics in Germany use robot-assisted surgical systems. Most often, robotic surgery is performed for coronary heart disease.

How to go to Germany for treatment?
You are welcome to visit the Booking Health website if you want to have your surgery in Germany. On our website, you can find the best hospitals in Germany and see the prices of all operations. You can also compare the cost of medical services at different Cardiac Surgery Centres and choose the most favourable option.

The specialists at the Booking Health company will help you organize your trip. We will contact the hospital administration and make an appointment for your preferred dates. We will also book a hotel room and airline tickets, provide interpreting services, meet you at the airport in Germany, and take you to the clinic by car. After the completion of your treatment, we will take care of your return transfer. You will receive ongoing support throughout your stay abroad and assistance with any unforeseen problems.