The second proposal for the Corralejo Ferris wheel is rejected

The second proposal for the Corralejo Ferris wheel is rejected

In a setback for the town of La Oliva, the proposal for a panoramic Ferris wheel in Corralejo has fallen through once again. The second tender for the project has been declared unsuccessful as Orion Global Hospitality failed to meet the minimum requirements specified by the municipal authorities.

According to reports, there will be no panoramic Ferris wheel in La Oliva, at least not with this second attempt. While a third attempt is not ruled out, the local council has decided once more to declare the proposal void, preventing the installation of a large tourist Ferris wheel on a municipal-owned plot.

The budget for the tender was set at 640,000 euros and included the "administrative concession for private use" of a municipal-owned land for the "installation, operation, and maintenance of a Ferris wheel."

The proposed project outlined the construction of a panoramic Ferris wheel ranging from 40 to 55 metres in height with enclosed cabins equipped with rigorous safety and accessibility systems, as well as air conditioning.

The initial proposal outlined the basic requirements set by the northern municipal council which included the operator's commitment to an annual payment as a concession fee, with a minimum amount of 42,600 euros.

The decision to reject the proposal was made citing significant deficiencies in the only proposal submitted within the stipulated timeframe. The proposal failed to align with the fundamental principles of the tender.

The evaluation conducted on the submission by Orion Global Hospitality did not provide room for specific corrections. Based on this assessment, the contracting committee unanimously agreed to reject the offer and exclude the bidder from future proposals.