Ryanair have to pay compensation for not letting two policemen on a plane with their guns

Ryanair have to pay compensation for not letting two policemen on a plane with their guns

A court has sentenced Ryanair to pay 1,836 euros to two police officers who were not allowed to board a flight from Tenerife to Madrid with their weapons, even though they were on duty, and have ruled that they compensate the ‘moral damages’ they suffered.

The court in Madrid has ruled in favour of the two agents for the incident that took place last July and has increased the amount that Ryanair must pay them for the damages derived from disallowing them to board the flight with their firearms.

Ryanair agreed to pay 1,436 euros, "recognizing, therefore, the unjustified nature of denying them to board, as well as the material damages", although they refused to pay the 400 euros they claimed for moral damages, claiming that this amount was not justified, the court disagreed.

On the day in question, the two agents, who were on duty, went to the boarding gate where they were told they weren’t allowed to board the plane with their weapons, despite having filled out the necessary paperwork to be able to take them into the cabin, according to the lawsuit.

Both had to buy new tickets the next day "given the need to reach their destination because of their profession."

The ruling states: "Not only was the denial of boarding not legally justified, but it is clear that everything that happened caused the officers to have to endure physical and mental fatigue derived from having to look for other alternative flights, and the anxiety derived from the uncertainty that this entails; including unforeseen expenses, losing a day upon arrival at their destination, and having to spend a night in a different city."

It adds that "as a result of the unjustified actions of the defendant (Ryanair), the agents have been forced to file a lawsuit and follow a judicial procedure until a sentence is handed down”.

The lawyers for the two police officers, representing the Jupol police union, said that it was an "abusive practice on the part of the airline, especially as the officers had all the regulatory documentation and carrying out a police service".

Ryanair now have to pay the full amount.