Many people still chose to wear masks on the day mandatory use was abolished

Many people still chose to wear masks on the day mandatory use was abolished

Face masks ceased to be mandatory in nearly all indoor spaces yesterday, with some exceptions such as public transport, medical centres, nursing homes, and chemists, however, despite being received with some joy and relief by citizens as the biggest sign of a return to normality, there were also many who chose to wear one.

The majority of people still wore one in shops, supermarkets, and commercial centres whether it was out of habit, prudence, fear, or responsibility towards a vulnerable family member.

Although we are now in another phase of the pandemic that is very different from that of two years ago, when the mandatory use of masks was decreed, due to the positive impact of vaccines, we cannot ignore the fact that the virus is still among us, admittedly with less virulence, but with a higher transmission capacity, which means we should not lower our guard and keep masks as a precautionary element against risk among vulnerable people.

Many doubts were raised in businesses as the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, confirmed that, "as a general rule, it is no longer mandatory in the workplace, after the entry into force of the Royal Decree published in the BOE. It will be down to companies themselves to decide how they implement or not, depending on the type of their activity and client profile.”

This has led to many commercial establishments opting for caution in these first days of de-escalation, and insisting that staff wear masks, but letting clients choose.

The greatest relief, after confirmation of use, was from parents when the Ministry of Education confirmed that pupils don’t have to wear them at school, except on the school bus or in vulnerable situations, and by gym users who no longer have to wear one when exercising.