Long-lasting trends in kitchen renovation

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 16-09-2023
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Long-lasting trends in kitchen renovation

Kitchen trends come and go. They also, confusingly, come back around again. Today, you’ll see 70s and 60s-inspired kitchens when just a few short years ago, any design from those periods was an instant rip-out job. What this means is, quite simply, that it’s technically impossible to design a kitchen that will withstand the test of time for everyone.

You can choose timeless design options that have been in use in period homes for over a hundred years, yet someone will still find it outdated and in need of renovation. What all this means is simple. Rather than try to find and choose trends that will never go out of style, you need to boil down your own taste to find the design details you won’t tire of and that you will love forever.

That being said, looking to the past is a useful place to start. There are many trends that continuously come around, and certain design choices that are longer-lasting than others. While you don’t need to use these ideas if you don’t want to, they are a great place to start when it comes to designing your own timeless kitchen.

Stone has been used in kitchens since the start of kitchens as a concept. It’s a natural material, looks great, feels great, and is very durable. Using stone in kitchens is very common, from both floors to countertops. What changes is the style of stone. People just ten years ago installed granite that DIYers today are painting over due to disliking it so much.

If you want your stone choice to withstand the test of time, it’s best to choose bright neutrals. The kitchen floor tiles you choose from providers like Quorn Stone can even be porcelain lookalikes to help keep your costs down. The goal is to get the effect of stone and to choose the simplest design. Do this, and you have more freedom with the rest of your kitchen design now and in the future. 

Wood is another natural element that makes it timeless. Once again, the part of wood that cycles through trends is the finish. The good news is that investing in solid pieces (either new or vintage) gives you options. You can choose a middle-toned option that is considered neutral, or you can simply accept that you may want to change the finish occasionally. You can use natural wood finishes for cupboards, shelves, a pantry, doors, and so much more.

Pantry Rooms.
Carving out a space in your home to store all of your home goods is one of the best things you can do for your space. This trend of having either a cupboard or a full room for food is timeless, and it’s also how you can make your kitchen so much more functional.

In some cases, it’s also how you’ll get the designs like open shelving concept and use easy-to-see baskets. Doing this may remove the need for you to have upper cupboards, allowing you more creative freedom over how your kitchen looks in the end.