Burglar arrested for committing nine robberies in holidaymakers' apartments

Burglar arrested for committing nine robberies in holidaymakers' apartments

The Guardia Civil has arrested a man caught red-handed while attempting to commit a robbery in a tourist complex in Fuerteventura that had experienced up to nine thefts and burglaries between October and December of this year.

As detailed in an official statement on Thursday, the arrested individual, a 51-year-old with a criminal record, was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority as the alleged perpetrator of nine crimes against property.

The authorities believe he was involved in the theft of money, electronic devices, jewellery, and various belongings from inside apartments on the tourist complex, located in the town of Costa Calma.

The Guardia Civil initiated this investigation following several complaints filed in October by victims, mostly holidaymakers, who reported that, while they were asleep, the suspect entered their apartments by forcing doors or accessing through open windows.

Based on the complaints, up to nine break-ins have been accounted for, all carried out using the same modus operandi in the same area. The total amount of cash stolen was 3,632 euros, in addition to electronic devices valued at 1,235 euros and jewellery worth approximately 2,300 euros.

During the investigation, the agents established surveillance in the area, managing to catch the arrested person red-handed while attempting a robbery. At the time of his arrest, he was carrying a large-sized knife, although he gave up when surprised by the police.

The investigation remains open as the police are trying to locate the stolen belongings and haven’t ruled out the possibility of further arrests related to these incidents.