123 families face eviction from a complex in Corralejo

123 families face eviction from a complex in Corralejo

In the scenic town of Corralejo, nestled on the northern coast of Fuerteventura, 123 villas and duplexes in the Mirador de Lobos urbanisation are home to nearly as many families, most of whom have children. However, their lives have been overshadowed by the looming threat of eviction due to the imminent auction of all the properties, because of a debt of nearly €36 million owed by the owner.

Daily life for these families, who all rent these properties, is challenging as they have had no running water since 2022 when it was cut off due to unpaid bills, and is now delivered by trucks.

Once a luxurious tourist complex boasting amenities like swimming pools and a golf course, remnants of Mirador de Lobos Golf can still be found in scattered sculptures, remnants of streams, and abandoned golf carts.

150 villas and duplexes were constructed between 2003 and 2008, with 27 under private ownership. While signs of neglect occasionally dot the landscape, the community strives for dignity amidst adversity.

The majority of these properties are under rental agreements, with tenants paying substantial sums for several years. However, despite their financial contributions, the property management company, Dunas Pozo Servicios SL, failed to maintain the properties or provide essential services like water.

123 families face eviction from a complex in Corralejo

When Dunas Pozo Servicios SL went bankrupt in 2017, tenants began paying the court-appointed administrator directly. However, they continued to endure a lack of basic services and maintenance. They are now facing uncertainty with the imminent auction of their homes by the Commercial Court No. 1 of Las Palmas.

Legal consultations offer little solace amid the confusion. Despite their precarious situation, the tenants of Mirador de Lobos assert their right to remain in their rented homes, even as the auction deadline approaches on May 16th.

It is being overseen by Banco Santander, the creditor, with Dunas Pozo Servicios SL, the debtor. Each plot, of approximately 330 square metres in size, is valued at €239,000. If all the properties are auctioned at this price, proceeds could reach around €29.4 million.

Mirador de Lobos has been embroiled in legal battles since 2017, from Commercial Court disputes to labour disputes, culminating in the current auction threatening the 123 families who don’t know where they will be living in the future.

123 families face eviction from a complex in Corralejo