VIDEO: Exciting new Star Wars fan film 'Last Trial' filmed in Teide National Park

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 16-11-2023
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: El Digital Sur
  • Video Credit: Star Wars Collatoral Story
VIDEO: Exciting new Star Wars fan film 'Last Trial' filmed in Teide National Park

In the breathtaking backdrop of Teide National Park in Tenerife, a cinematic tribute to the Star Wars universe has emerged, captivating fans and critics. "Last Trial – A Star Wars Collateral Story", has dazzled at international festivals bringing the galaxy far, far away to the screen with a captivating narrative.

As part of the Isla Calavera Festival, the short film, set eighteen years after the great Jedi purge during the rise of the Galactic Empire, the story follows a young padawan and a rookie soldier as they face monumental challenges like rebel spies, enveloped in scenes of smoke, fire, and chaotic battles, will premiere in Tenerife on Saturday (November 18th), at the Fantastic Film Festival in La Laguna at 4:00pm in Sala 17 of the Multicines Cinema.

This fan film, supported by the administration of Teide National Park and the enthusiastic backing of the local Star Wars fan association, the Imperial Force of Tenerife, is a testament to the cinematic talent and dedication of a multidisciplinary team.

The musical contribution from Jake Cadmus, who is based in Florida and renowned for his work on other franchise projects such as the well-known fan film Star Wars – Vader: Shards of the Past (2018) by Star Wars Theory and The Unstable Crystal (2021), has added a unique dimension to this production, immersing viewers in the distinctive atmosphere of Star Wars.

With 25 nominations and eleven awards, "Last Trial" has garnered recognition at prestigious festivals such as the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, Geek Fest Toronto, May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Festival, Gen Con Film Festival, and PopCon International Film Festival.

Under the Collateral Story label, the short film is an exciting addition to the growing collection of Star Wars stories filmed in the Canary Islands. "Last Trial" will be featured on the Star Wars Collateral Story YouTube channel, which already boasts a strong following and offers diverse content related to fan films in production… may the force be with it!

VIDEO: Exciting new Star Wars fan film 'Last Trial' filmed in Teide National Park