The eviction of over 250 people from homes in Corralejo has begun

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 18-10-2023
  • Fuerteventura
  • Photo Credit: Noticias Fuerteventura
The eviction of over 250 people from homes in Corralejo has begun

In the last few days, evictions of occupied homes in the town of Corralejo in Fuerteventura have been taking place at the order of the property owners. The situation is challenging for the families who have to leave their homes, especially given the previous announcement by the town council that they would have until December to find a housing solution, which is yet to materialize.

The residential area of Las Palmeras is currently home to the majority of these affected families. In some cases, the property owners are providing financial incentives to encourage the occupants to vacate the homes they have lived in for the past few years, which are owned by a bank and an investment fund.

Finding housing is currently very difficult in tourist areas, and while authorities have proposed new social housing, it is unlikely to be available within the necessary timeframe.

The evictions, which were initially scheduled for July, were temporarily halted through the intervention of the local authorities. In total, they affect 146 homes where more than 250 people, including elderly individuals, children, and pregnant women, reside. These residents have been recognized as being in a highly vulnerable situation with no available social alternatives, as was reported in a statement back in July.