The Canaries new promotional campaign: 'The Islands Aren’t Suitable for Everyone'

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 06-07-2024
  • Business
  • Photo Credit: Turismo de Canarias
  • Video Credit: Turismo de Canarias
The Canaries new promotional campaign: 'The Islands Aren’t Suitable for Everyone'

The Canary Islands have launched a bold new summer advertising campaign aimed at attracting responsible tourists from the Spanish mainland. Titled “The Islands Aren’t Suitable for Everyone” (Islas no aptas para todos los públicos), the campaign seeks to engage travellers who are committed to respecting the environment and the unique identity of the archipelago.

Jessica de León, the Minister of Tourism for the Canary Islands Government, described the campaign as “disruptive and courageous,” emphasising its focus on preventing uncivil behaviour. "We are aiming to convey, in a friendly and educational manner, that the Canary Islands possess a unique and highly sensitive biodiversity. We welcome all visitors who respect our environment," she stated.

To capture the attention of potential visitors, the campaign features a massive banner spanning three facades of a building in Madrid's iconic Puerta del Sol. The banner displays the provocative slogan “The Islands Aren’t Suitable for Everyone” along with pixelated images of various Canary Islands landscapes.

Complementing this main message are additional statements such as "If you enjoy the beach without leaving a trace, welcome to the Canary Islands" and "If you understand the importance of sticking to the path, welcome to the Canary Islands."

Beyond the central banner, the campaign will extend to bus shelters across Madrid, and one hundred conventional and digital billboards.

“With this campaign, we want to highlight the Canary Islands' distinctive features as a destination, focusing on the type of tourists we want to attract: those who value our unique landscapes, traditions, and way of life,” de León said, clarifying that the campaign is not intended to induce guilt.

José Juan Lorenzo, Managing Director of Canary Islands Tourism, added that a dedicated web page has been created which includes an interactive test designed to engage potential visitors by providing "advice and information on caring for the islands' particularly sensitive resources."

The campaign represents a strategic move by the Canary Islands to promote sustainable tourism, ensuring that visitors who come to explore the islands are those who will contribute to preserving its natural and cultural heritage.