Search resumes for Jay Slater in Teno after a false alarm in the south of Tenerife

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 20-06-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Atlantico Hoy
Search resumes for Jay Slater in Teno after a false alarm in the south of Tenerife

The search for Jay Slater has resumed this morning in the areas of Masca and the Teno Rural Park, after a reported sighting of him in Americas and Los Cristianos turned out to be a false alarm.

The Guardia Civil received an alert yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) that Jay Slater had been spotted in a taxi in that area of ​​southern Tenerife. Police reacted immediately and tracked him down but unfortunately, according to a spokesperson for his family, the young man in the taxi, who is also 19 years old, was not Jay Slater.

More than 48 hours of searching:

Search teams have been looking for the missing teen since Monday night with several units of the Guardia Civil, including helicopters, dogs and mountain rescue personnel, as well using drones to search areas difficult to access on foot.

That search has been resumed this morning in the same areas with the fire brigade involved who will scale ravines to see if they can find him in case he may have collapsed or fallen on one of the many trails through the rocky area.

False sightings:

Social media has been flooded with positivity and support for Jay’s family, however there are many posts where people are speculating as to whether he has been spotted walking along the coast in Callao Salvaje, or are reacting to a police car on a webcam in Las Americas.

People are reminded that the area the search teams are looking is a barren, dry, rocky, dangerous terrain, and the police would prefer that they were left to do their job as they want to concentrate on the person they are looking for, not members of the public looking for the person they are looking for.

Search resumes for Jay Slater in Teno after a false alarm in the south of Tenerife


Jay, who was in Tenerife for a music festival, staying in the south, had gone to the house of some people he had just met at the event on Sunday night. He slept in their accommodation approximately 30km along the coast and, on Monday morning, he went outside to return to his hotel.

At that moment he realised that he didn't know where he was and called Lucy, one of the friends he was on holiday with, to tell her that he was lost, that he was thirsty, that his battery was low and that he was going to try getting home on foot after having missed a bus.

After that, he sent her his location, which turned out to be in Teno. That call with his friend, recorded at 8:50am, is the last recorded contact of Jay Slater, of whom nothing is still known after more than 3 days in unknown whereabouts.