Footballer David Silva's luxury hotel opens in the Canary Islands

Footballer David Silva's luxury hotel opens in the Canary Islands

As elite footballers approach the end of their careers, they often look for investment opportunities. With their large salaries, a world of possibilities opens up, and for ex-Manchester City and Spain midfielder, David Silva, the choice was to invest close to home. He has ventured into the hospitality industry with a luxury resort in his hometown of Arguineguín, in Gran Canaria.

The Resort Cordial Santa Águeda, situated along the coast in the Arguineguín ravine, features a new seafront promenade that connects the maritime neighbourhoods of El Pajar and Playa de Arguineguín. Guests praise its prime location and the two stunning infinity pools, one with a solarium and the other in the revamped Perchel Beach Club area.

A Family-Friendly Beach Club

David Silva attended the inauguration of this new hotel area, designed as the largest beach club in the Canary Islands, aimed at families. Spanning over 7,000 square metres, the club boasts sun loungers, Balinese beds, and the best views of Arguineguín Bay from the exclusive Belvedere terrace.

For children and teenagers, there is a dedicated space with a children's pool, water park, two playgrounds, and an arcade. Meanwhile, those looking for relaxation can enjoy a spa with various circuits, including a steam bath, sauna, and leisure pool.

The resort also offers some excellent culinary options. Lovers of Japanese cuisine can dine at Nami Sushi Bar, led by renowned chef Tadashi Tagami. Meat lovers can head to the Refectorio de Ágata, while those looking for brunch or snacks can visit the Oxean Bar. As for local cuisine, La Arrocería serves delicious paellas.

Expansion Plans

Earlier this year, the local council approved an expansion of the resort, a joint project by David Silva and the Del Castillo family. This next phase includes the construction of 20 holiday homes, adding to the 87 existing units at the Resort Cordial Santa Águeda.

The expansion, managed by Propiedades Cordiales, involves a 2.4 million euro investment to build ten three-bedroom and ten one-bedroom units, each with a maximum height of two stories. This development is expected to boost tourism in the area, providing additional accommodation options in this luxurious setting.

David Silva's investment in his hometown not only reflects his personal connection to the area but also contributes to the local economy and tourism sector, ensuring a lasting legacy beyond his successful football career.

Footballer David Silva's luxury hotel opens in the Canary Islands