A week since he went missing in Tenerife, the search for Jay Slater continues

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 24-06-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Video Credit: Daily Mail
A week since he went missing in Tenerife, the search for Jay Slater continues

The disappearance of 19-year-old British holidaymaker Jay Slater in Tenerife remains shrouded in mystery, with no updates on his whereabouts. Today marks a week since he was last contacted and reported missing following a music festival on the island, after which he went with two men, who he had allegedly met at the festival, to their apartment in Masca, over 30km away from where he was staying in Los Cristianos.

Over the last few days, various videos have been released from the last night he was known to be at clubs in the Las Verónicas area of Playa Las Las Americas. Now, the Daily Mail has provided new video footage purportedly from the night before his disappearance.

According to the article, Slater can be seen dancing shirtless at Papagayo, one of the most popular nightclubs in the south of Tenerife. Reports indicate that he left the club around 5am and headed towards the Teno area, where he since vanished.

Search Continues in Teno Rural Park

Various units of the Guardia Civil have been meticulously searching the Teno Rural Park and Masca Valley area for six consecutive days. Alongside these teams, other emergency services including Mountain Rescue, the Fire Brigade, sniffer dogs, drones, and helicopters are scouring different difficult to access areas where Slater may have gone missing, or tripped and fallen into.

It's important that people remember that the area they are searching is over 250,000 acres of volcanic landscape with valleys and ravines up to 600 metres deep, that is difficult to cross in usual circumstances, never mind when searching for a missing person and not wanting to leave any rock, cave, or bush not searched.

Slater was last heard from at 8:50am last Monday (June 17th), when he contacted a friend to say his phone battery was at 1% and he would walk back to his apartment after missing a bus, which is strange in itself, as there are only buses on that route at that time on Monday at 6:10am and 10:10am.

Jay’s mother, Debbie Duncan, arrived in Tenerife on Tuesday to join the search for her son and reported receiving "terrifying" messages from unknown sources, advising her to say goodbye to him claiming Jay "owed a lot of money.”

According to Duncan, this was her son's first holiday with friends. She continues to seek help in finding him, expressing her desperation: "I just want to get my baby back. We are living a real nightmare."

A week since he went missing in Tenerife, the search for Jay Slater continues