There’s snow in them there hills!

2021/01/12 07:59:59 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Just a few hours after the access roads to Mt Teide were reopened by the Cabildo, despite the fact that they reminded that Tenerife is at alert Level 3 to contain the spread of Covid-19 so it is necessary to "avoid crowds and restrict your mobility," people headed to the hills in their droves to see the snow.

The Cabildo confirmed the reopening of all the roads at 2.00pm yesterday afternoon, which had been closed since Saturday due to ice on the roads and some landslides, and it didn’t take long for people to head straight up there, causing traffic jams and queues to enter and exit the National Park.

Faced with the effects of the rain and snow, the Cabildo are reviewing the network of forest trails to make sure that all are safe to keep open, specifically in the Chinyero and Las Palomas nature reserves, the aptly named for now Corona Forestal natural park, and the protected landscape of Las Lagunetas.