Body found near Siam Mall could be missing Irishman Peter Wilson

2021/01/14 13:21:23 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The lifeless body found on Monday near the Siam Mall shopping centre, located in the municipality of Adeje in the south of Tenerife, could be of the 33-year-old tourist of Irish nationality Peter Wilson, last seen on March 23rd 2019 in ​​Playa de Las Américas, according to the National Police.

The family have been inform that there is an ongoing investigation aimed at identifying the body, and as a family spokesperson explained in a statement released through social media, "we are waiting for more information from the Tenerife authorities."

"We ask that, taking into account the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, it be respected that the family will be allowed to go to the Island in case the DNA test confirms the first suspicions. Thank you all for your support," concludes the note.

Peter Wilson's family have travelled to the Island on numerous occasions with the purpose of discovering what happened that Saturday, March 23rd, in the South. "He had never disappeared before nor was he a person who was looking for trouble or anything like that," they told press at the time.

From the association SOS Desaparecidos, which from the outset issued the alert to locate Peter, explain that "these investigations can take a long time and, until then, the relatives remain waiting." Its coordinator, Santiago Carlos Martín, emphasizes the need to continue searching for the people who are currently missing in Tenerife and, in general, in the Archipelago.

Here is a link to SOS Desaparecidos which shows update information of people they are looking for: