Why are the Canary Islands a perfect place to start your new business?

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 24-05-2024
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Why are the Canary Islands a perfect place to start your new business?

Popular for their beautiful beaches, mild weather, and lively culture, the Canary Islands are quickly emerging as a centre for entrepreneurs. For people in the business sector, this beautiful archipelago provides a special combination of benefits and chances. Here's why the Canary Islands are the ideal location for entrepreneurs, from its advantageous location to its business-friendly atmosphere.

Imagine operating your business from a location where the sea is just a short distance away, the sun shines practically every day, and the business climate is just as kind and hospitable… well, here are the main five factors that should make every entrepreneur aware of the Canary Islands.

Optimal Tax Structure

The advantageous tax structure is one of the strongest arguments in favour of thinking about your business in the Canary Islands. Comparatively speaking to the rest of Europe, the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) has far lower tax rates.

There are great Incentives for companies in the technology industry, and corporate taxes can be as little as 4%. Because of this financial edge, entrepreneurs may reinvest more earnings back into their company, which promotes expansion and creativity.

The Canary Islands gain from membership in the European Union as well, which gives them access to EU financing schemes and a solid legal system. For both established businesses and startups, this mix of cheap taxes and EU incentives makes for a desirable environment.

Strategic Position

International business finds the Canary Islands to be a good destination because of their advantageous position between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. This geographic benefit encourages international economic relations and makes it easier to access several markets.

This means, for entrepreneurs, a wider audience and comparatively easy access to a variety of markets. For a better trading experience if you deal in digital currencies, you can add an immediate sprint app and elevate your rate of returns.

Moreover, the islands are well-connected to major cities both inside and outside of Europe because of their modern infrastructure and efficient transport networks. The accessibility ensures that bitcoin businesses can simply keep robust supply chains and interact with partners and clients worldwide. 

Cutting Edge of Technology Infrastructure

Any business needs to succeed, and the Canary Islands have state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. To provide companies with the resources they need to run effectively and safely, the area has made significant investments in cybersecurity, data centres, and high-speed internet. In order to secure your finances, especially the digital coins you can trade with bots like an immediate sprint app that makes trading easier.

Technology parks and innovation centres offer an environment in which entrepreneurs may work together, create, and prosper. Through their access to financial sources, research facilities, and a community of individuals with common interests, these centres facilitate the realisation of ideas.

Supportive Regulatory Framework

For companies, negotiating the regulatory environment is frequently difficult. Still, the Canary Islands provide a regulatory atmosphere that is favourable to the expansion of the finance and other sectors. The local administration is proactive in recognising and accommodating the demands of entrepreneurs by offering assistance and clear rules.

It is clear how supportive this position is from how simple it is to register companies, get licences, and follow rules. The regulatory system of the Canary Islands is made to be open and favourable to business, which lowers administrative barriers and frees up enterprises to concentrate on growth and innovation.

High Quality Lifestyle

Benefits to business are important, but another strong argument for different businesses to locate in the Canary Islands is the quality of life. The islands provide the ideal balance of work and play, together with stunning scenery, a comfortable year-round temperature, and a rich heritage of culture.

Considering other big European cities, the price of living is very modest, and the educational and healthcare institutions are first-rate. Because of this excellent quality of life, businesses can be sure they have access to highly qualified and driven employees from all over the world. The longevity of any business depends on increased productivity and job happiness, which the Canary Islands can provide.


The Canary Islands are fast becoming a destination for entrepreneurs in addition to being a tourism haven. For anybody wishing to prosper in business, the Canary Islands present a special and alluring offer with their advantageous tax structure, advantageous location, cutting-edge technological infrastructure, encouraging regulatory environment, and unmatched quality of life.

Entrepreneurs can have the best of both worlds booming business prospects in a beautiful, tranquil environment by selecting the Canary Islands.

Innovate, expand, and dominate, regardless of the size of your company. The Canary Islands should thus be at the very top of your list if you want to become well-known in the fintech and high-growing industries.