VIDEO: Passenger rips wheels off suitcase to avoid €70 Ryanair baggage charge

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 22-05-2024
  • Travel
  • Photo Credit: Instagram
VIDEO: Passenger rips wheels off suitcase to avoid €70 Ryanair baggage charge

Strict carry-on baggage rules are enforced by airlines to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for all passengers. These regulations require that baggage meets specific size and weight standards to prevent storage issues in the cabin and ensure access to overhead compartments.

To verify that baggage complies with the allowed dimensions, airlines have specific measuring devices at boarding areas, and if your suitcase doesn’t fit, it must be checked as hold luggage, often incurring a significant additional cost for passengers.

This was the case for a traveller from Malaga who went viral for his inventive, although unusual, solution at the boarding gate for a Ryanair flight. Faced with the dilemma of having to pay €70 to check in his bag, he chose to remove the wheels from his suitcase to make it fit and avoid the extra charge.

In an act that stunned everyone present, the man began forcibly removing the four wheels from his suitcase, and then placed it back in the measuring device, proving that without the wheels, his baggage met the airline's size requirements.

The reaction from the crowd was immediate, with applause echoing through the boarding area. The Ryanair staff, visibly astonished and trying to contain their laughter, allowed him to board with his now modified suitcase, thereby avoiding any extra cost.

The story has quickly spread on social media, generating a range of opinions about baggage regulations and low-cost airline fees. While some applaud the passenger's ingenuity, others criticise the rigidity of airline baggage policies.