VIDEO: EasyJet cancels Tenerife flight to Gatwick after someone 'defecated on the plane floor'

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 16-10-2023
  • Travel
  • Photo Credit: Stock Image
  • Video Credit: Twitter
VIDEO: EasyJet cancels Tenerife flight to Gatwick after someone 'defecated on the plane floor'

Outraged passengers found themselves stranded in Tenerife last night as EasyJet made the shocking decision to cancel their already delayed flight to London Gatwick after a passenger had an unfortunate incident in the aeroplane toilet, and defecated on the floor.

Videos circulating online and shared with MailOnline paint a disturbing picture of the ordeal. Images show pieces of toilet paper strewn about the aircraft's walkway, while another video captures the pilot breaking the news of the flight's cancellation, and one person can be heard in a video clip asking: “Who s*** on the floor?”.

The video begins with the pilot addressing the disgruntled passengers, saying, "It's rather entertaining to defecate in the front toilet, so we're now staying the night here. We're going to get everyone off and organize hotels, and then we'll fly back tomorrow morning."

Flight EZY8054, originally scheduled to depart on Sunday at 8:05pm and arrive in London at 12:20am, had already experienced several hours of delays before it was ultimately called off.

Passengers were told they would be on flight 9954 to London at 3:00pm this afternoon, and the airline admitted it was "unable to find hotel rooms in the area," leaving customers scrambling to secure last-minute accommodation for the night.

A passenger who preferred to remain anonymous spoke with FEMAIL, detailing the flight's series of mishaps. Customers were initially moved from one plane to another, with the second aircraft reported to be smaller, resulting in chaos.

The anonymous passenger revealed that airline staff offered £500 vouchers to entice volunteers to deplane, but no one accepted the offer. This prompted the removal of ten passengers, causing disputes and a two-hour delay. The situation worsened as the aircraft was overloaded after reaching full capacity. To resolve the issue, the airline began redistributing luggage among other Gatwick-bound flights, further delaying the process.

However, it got worse as the toilet incident came to light amidst these complications. The passenger expressed discontent with the way the situation was handled, suggesting it might have genuinely been an accident, saying, "We had loads of issues with our flight, so someone could have had an accident."

In the wake of the flight's cancellation, EasyJet conceded that they were "unable to find hotel rooms in the area." The airline's website released a statement regarding flight tracking information, citing "extremely high demand" as the reason behind their inability to secure local accommodation for everyone.