VIDEO: Chaos on public transport in Lanzarote

VIDEO: Chaos on public transport in Lanzarote

In the last couple of weeks, complaints about public transport in Lanzarote have increased exponentially with people claiming that operators are cramming people on board and are far exceeding their capacity.

This is highlighted in a video published by Lancelot Digital that shows how buses are seriously overcrowded which many users believe is detrimental to passenger safety.

They are also complaining that timetables are not being stuck to, as if the buses are full they aren’t stopping at places where no one wants to get off which is putting schedules “out of sync” and increasing waiting times for those who can’t get on to full buses.

This chaotic situation may be derived from the introduction of free use for regular passengers, which has resulted in more people using the bus service in Lanzarote. However, neither the number of lines nor the number of buses on each of those lines has been increased.

In this regard, operators are blaming the lack of drivers as no extra resources have been allocated to cater for the increase in usage, which they admit, is causing bigger queues, long delays, and overcrowding.

This isn’t an isolated problem in Lanzarote as similar situations are being reported across the Canary Islands due to the increase in passenger numbers since the start of the year.