The times and routes of all the Three Kings' Parades in Tenerife

The times and routes of all the Three Kings' Parades in Tenerife

The most magical night of the year is here, and the municipalities of Tenerife are gearing up for the parades to welcome Their Majesties the Three Kings, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar.

Whether you are a resident or here on holiday the parades are a spectacle not to be missed so here are the time schedules and routes for all the parades planned for tonight, Friday 5th January, in Tenerife:


At 5:30pm, the reception of the Kings will take place at the municipal football stadium, and at 7:00pm, a Grand Parade will proceed from Calle Grande to Plaza de España.


At 8:00pm, the arrival of the Three Kings is planned at Muelle Viejo de Los Cristianos, followed by a route along Avenida Espigón Benchijigua, Avenida Suecia, Calle Barranquillo (between Avenida de Suecia and Avenida Los Playeros), continuing along Avenida Los Playeros to Avenida Amsterdam, and arriving at Plaza del Pescador, outside the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre.

San Miguel:

The event is scheduled to start at 6:30pm from the Plaza de la Iglesia through the streets of the downtown area. The journey will end at the "Óscar González" Municipal Sports Centre, where the Kings will collect letters from all the children in the municipality.


From 5:00pm, the arrival of the Three Wise Men of the East will take place. Following that, a Grand Parade will traverse the streets of Granadilla town to the Los Hinojeros Sports Pavilion, where the last letters can be delivered. For the first time, the parade train will accommodate people with disabilities to enjoy the journey, and sweets suitable for diabetic children will be distributed at the pavilion.

Guía de Isora:

At 6:00pm, there will be a reception at Plaza de Chío for the Three Kings, where children can deliver their letters. The Parade will start at 7:00pm from Calle del Campo to Plaza Nuestra Señora de La Luz. Upon arrival, there will be a drone show and a performance by Mario Falero, a participant in La Voz Kids.

Santiago del Teide:

Their Majesties will visit the Arguayo Cultural Centre at 4:00pm and the Tamaimo Social Centre at 5:00pm. The Grand Three Kings' Parade will pass through various locations from 6:00pm: Playa de la Arena, Puerto de Santiago, concluding in Plaza Buganvilla de Los Gigantes, where a grand reception for the Three Kings will take place.

The times and routes of all the Three Kings' Parades in Tenerife


At 6:30pm, Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar will be received at the 25 de Abril Cultural and Recreation Centre.

La Laguna:

The day will kick off at 11:30 this morning with the reception of Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar at the arches of the City Hall, where children from the municipality can deliver their letters. The parade will start at 5:00pm from Camino La Rúa, covering the streets Nava and Grimón, Consistorio, Herradores (up), El Tizón, La Carrera (down), and return via Consistorio to the Plaza del Cristo.

Santa Cruz:

The CD Tenerife football stadium will receive the 3 Kings from 5:00pm onwards, arriving by helicopter, and will be broadcast live on Canal 4 television, and the parade will begin at 7:00pm, broadcast live on Televisión Canaria. The procession will start from Avenida de Bélgica, pass through Plaza de la República Dominicana, Avenida Asuncionistas, Ramón y Cajal, Galcerán, and Plaza de Weyler, continuing through the streets Méndez Núñez, El Pilar, and Villalba Hervás, concluding at Plaza de la Candelaria. Additionally, at 8:00pm, the parade will depart from Calle Casino, continuing to Plaza San Marcos, where the traditional Sacramental Play will be held.


The procession Three Kings will depart from the Municipal Library at 7:00pm and, after an extensive route along Carretera General featuring the Christmas Train, Their Majesties will be welcomed in Plaza de La Estación with the traditional greeting from children.

El Sauzal:

Starting at 3:00pm, the Three Kings' Caravan will travel non-stop through the municipality to greet children. At 7:00pm, a Grand Magical Parade of Kings will take place from El Calvario to Plaza del Príncipe.

La Matanza:

The route will begin at Plaza de El Salvador at 6:30pm and conclude at the Municipal Pavilion, where the youngest can deliver their letters to the Kings.

La Victoria:

The procession will start at 7:00pm on Carretera Antigua (Post Office) and follow through Carretera General, Pérez Díaz, and Del Pino streets until reaching the Church Square. Upon arrival, children can deliver their letters to Their Majesties and enjoy a hot chocolate and a small attraction.

Santa Úrsula:

From 7:00pm, the Grand Parade will begin on Calle Finca Pastor, advancing along Carretera Vieja TF-213. The route will continue along Calle Leoncio Rodríguez until reaching the Auxiliar de Carretera España TF-217. Finally, the Kings will greet all the children outside the Town Hall.

Puerto de la Cruz:

At 6:30pm, the Kings will be welcomed around the Castillo de San Felipe, from where the Parade will start at 7:00pm The procession will travel through Calle Luis Lavaggi, Avenida Blás Pérez González, Calle José Mª del Campo Llarena, Calle San Felipe, Plaza del Charco, Calle La Marina, Calle Santo Domingo, Zamora, Avenida Familia Betencourt y Molina, Calle La Hoya, concluding at the Martiánez Shopping Centre.

Los Realejos:

At 6:00pm, the parade will depart from Calle Reyes Católicos to Avenida de los Remedios de Realejo Alto, towards San Agustín, Realejo Bajo, Barroso, and Tigaiga, where the traditional adoration of the infant Jesus will take place in its hermitage.

La Orotava:

The Three Kings' Parade will be at 8:00pm, from Parque Cultural Doña Chana to the Town Hall Square. During the day, letter collections will also take place at the Parish of San Juan Bautista at 3:30pm and at the Town Hall Square at 9:30pm

La Guancha:

The Royal Caravan will travel through the neighbourhoods of Santa Catalina, Santo Domingo, Las Cucharas, Las Montañetas, El Pinalete, La Guancha de Abajo, El Risco, El Farrobo, and La Asomada from 11:00am. The magical night will conclude with the Kings' Parade at 6:00pm along Avenida Hipólito Sinforiano and Calle La Alhóndiga, ending at the Church Square.

San Juan de la Rambla:

At 6:00pm, the traditional parade begins in San José, starting from the La Estrella Contenta playroom, travelling along the general road of San José to reach the Town Hall. It will continue through the commercial area to El Santo Street. In San Juan (downtown), the parade is scheduled at 7:00pm, following the usual route from La Cabaña to the square, covering the main streets of downtown.

Icod de los Vinos:

The Three Kings of the East will visit all the neighbourhoods of the municipality from 10:00 a.m. The key delivery will be at 5:00pm in Plaza de La Centinela, from where the Grand Parade will start at 7:30pm until Plaza Andrés de Lorenzo Cáceres.


At 6:30pm, the traditional Three Kings' Parade will depart from the Las Cruces neighbourhood in the centre of Garachico, while the La Caleta de Interián Parade will start at 8:30pm from the football field.

The times and routes of all the Three Kings' Parades in Tenerife

Los Silos:

The Kings will arrive by helicopter at 5:30pm and depart from the Aregume Sports Centre at 8:30pm in the parade that will go through the main streets of the town.


From 7:00pm, a grand Kings' Parade will take place from Calle La Alhóndiga to the Church of Los Remedios, where offerings will be made, and the last letters will be collected on the central stage.

El Rosario:

The Grand Parade of La Esperanza will start at 4:00pm from Maximino Bacallado Rodríguez Street, covering Calle La Sardinera, and ending in front of the City Hall building.


In the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias, a wide range of activities and shows are expected to culminate with the arrival of the Three Kings at 8:15pm.


At 5:00pm, the reception of the Kings will take place at the Blas Reyes Football Field with free entry until full capacity. At 7:00pm, the Parade will start on Avenida Reyes De España.


At 4:00pm, Their Majesties will be received at the Tasagaya football pitch.


From 4:00pm, letter delivery and Parade starting from Los Roques, going through Lomo La Tose, La Zarza, La Sabina Alta, La Sombrera, Cruz del Roque, Las Eras, the stone path, and the Fasnia downtown until reaching the Church Square.


The municipality will host the Grand Parade starting at 6:00pm from the El Calvario hermitage to Calle Benítez de Lugo.

Source: Diario de Avisos