The Canaries President calls for tourism industry transformation and wage increase

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 09-04-2024
  • National
  • Photo Credit: Cadena Ser
The Canaries President calls for tourism industry transformation and wage increase

The president of the Canary Islands Government, Fernando Clavijo, has urged tourism entrepreneurs to adapt to changing times and prioritise increasing wages in the region. Speaking in an interview with Cadena Ser radio yesterday (Monday), Clavijo emphasised the need for responsibility within the tourism sector, asserting that the wealth it generates should benefit society as a whole.

Clavijo highlighted the crucial role of tourism in the region's economy, labelling it as the main source of wealth. He stressed that the major players within the industry must acknowledge their responsibility to share this wealth more equitably and contribute to the growth of other sectors.

The president expressed his support for planned public demonstrations scheduled for April 20th, viewing them as an essential platform for societal expression. He also highlighted the significance of the upcoming conference of the seven island presidents on April 30th, emphasising the importance of collaborative urban planning involving all relevant parties.

Addressing the issue of a tourist moratorium, Clavijo blamed past mismanagement but sees the current moment as an opportunity for collective dialogue and the formulation of new inclusive policies.

Regarding the holiday rental law, he characterised it as a necessary measure aimed at regulating a market sector that has experienced significant growth but also negative consequences.

Clavijo reaffirmed the government's commitment to defending the general interest of the Canary Islands through transparent regulation and inclusive decision-making processes. He stressed the importance of public engagement in shaping the region's future and called for quality standards to enhance the tourism experience while discouraging detrimental practices such as rooftop rentals or makeshift accommodations.