Tenerife Cabildo allocates €12 million to 15 municipalities for acquisition of social housing

  • Tenerife Cabildo
  • 28-05-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: El Dia
Tenerife Cabildo allocates €12 million to 15 municipalities for acquisition of social housing

The Tenerife Cabildo has approved substantial funding of more than 12 million euros to aid 15 municipalities in acquiring completed or near-completed properties, which will be made available to the residents of Tenerife under social rental schemes.

This budget allocation is part of the island-wide program ‘Activa Vivienda 2024’ and supplements the financial contributions from the municipalities themselves, according to the official statement from the Cabildo.

Impact and Distribution of Funds:

The initiative aims to provide 227 homes, benefiting nearly 1,000 people on the housing waiting list. Priority has been given to municipal proposals that could quickly introduce properties to the rental market. Consequently, the funds have been distributed into three categories: purchasing existing homes, purchasing homes requiring completion, and constructing new homes.

Fund Allocation by Municipality:

For the purchase of existing properties, a total of 1,855,626 euros has been allocated as follows:

- San Miguel: 23 homes

- La Guancha: 5 homes

- Arico: 3 homes

For the purchase of properties needing completion, a total of 5,551,249 euros has been allocated as follows:

- Santa Úrsula: 26 homes

- Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 25 homes

- Güímar: 20 homes

- Buenavista del Norte: 15 homes

- Granadilla de Abona: 15 homes

- El Tanque: 6 homes

For the construction of new properties, a total of 5,120,668 euros has been allocated as follows:

- San Cristóbal de La Laguna: 29 homes

- La Matanza: 24 homes

- La Orotava: 20 homes

- El Sauzal: 8 homes

- Santiago del Teide: 8 homes

- Los Silos: 2 homes

Commitment to Social Housing:

The Cabildo emphasises that the beneficiary municipalities will manage the homes as social rentals, either directly or through the Canarian Housing Institute. Those municipalities that opt to manage the properties themselves will address the housing needs based on their local demand lists.

This significant financial injection highlights the Cabildo's dedication to addressing housing shortages and providing affordable housing solutions for the residents of Tenerife, ensuring that more families have access to affordable homes.