Sunbed wars turn nasty as British tourists 'tip Spanish mother off sun lounger’

Sunbed wars turn nasty as British tourists 'tip Spanish mother off sun lounger’

Sunbed wars are nothing new in holiday destinations, and now with video platforms such as Tik Tok, there is very often a humorous side to seeing people racing for the best positions or putting their towels out early. However, two British tourists have taken it too far and face possible assault charges after tipping a Spanish mother off a sunbed in Fuerteventura.

The two men in their 60s and 30s, allegedly pushed the mother of two and shoved her daughters in a row over sunbeds, because she allegedly took their spot by a hotel pool in Corralejo.

The Spanish family, who don’t speak English and didn’t understand what was happening, say they were “afraid” and plan to press charges against the two Brits.

The alleged attack, which took place on Monday afternoon, happened when a 53-year-old woman and her two daughters went to the pool at the unnamed hotel, while her husband stayed in the room for a siesta.

The woman decided to sit on an empty sun lounger when two British men 'started insulting her' and claimed that the sunbed was theirs because it was in front of their room’s terrace, even though it was empty.

The older British man allegedly turned the sunbed over to tip the woman off it, which fell on her foot and left her on the floor by the pool. The two men then pushed away her daughters, aged 18 and 22, who were understandably angry at what had just happened and went to fetch their father.

When he came down, his wife was still on the floor and other hotel guests who were in the pool at the time were criticising the violent attitude of the two British men. Before he could confront them, the Guardia Civil turned up at the hotel, having been called by a receptionist, and separated everyone, before taking details off all involved.

The family said they refused to stay in the hotel as they were scared and asked to be moved to a different hotel instead, and say they will be filing an official complaint with the police when they return to their home in Albacete in mainland Spain.

They are also getting a medical report done on the mother because she has suffered ankle and back pain from the incident. The hotel has declined to make any comment regarding the incident.