New fines for putting shopping bags on the seats of your car!

  • DGT - Trafico
  • 23-09-2023
  • National
  • Photo Credit: N332
New fines for putting shopping bags on the seats of your car!

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has set strict new regulations and fines of 80 euros for drivers who place bags of shopping on seats in the front or back of the car without securing them because they can reduce visibility, move around in the car, and potentially be harmful in an accident.

Article 14 of the General Traffic Regulations states: "The load carried in a vehicle, as well as the accessories used for its conditioning or protection, must be arranged and, if necessary, secured in such a way that they cannot: drag, fall entirely or partially, or shift dangerously, compromise the stability of the vehicle, produce noise, dust, or other nuisances that can be avoided, and, finally, conceal lighting devices or luminous signalling devices, mandatory plates or emblems, and manual signals from the driver." The fine for failing to comply with this regulation can go up to 200 euros.

To avoid problems, the DGT recommends the following:

- Secure the bags with straps or seatbelts.

- Use the boots cargo net for smaller and lighter items.

- Under no circumstances should the load extend to the front of the passenger compartment. In such cases, transport vehicles like vans should be used whenever possible.

- Secure the load by fastening it to fixed parts of the vehicle to prevent it from moving.

- Secure the rear seats with diagonal straps when they are unoccupied.