National Police stop British tourist from jumping off hotel balcony in Tenerife

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 20-06-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Policia Nacional
National Police stop British tourist from jumping off hotel balcony in Tenerife

In a dramatic rescue, the National Police have saved the life of a 32-year-old British female tourist who attempted to jump from the balcony of a hotel in the south of Tenerife where she was staying with her young son.

The police were dispatched to the scene after the emergency services received an alert informing them that a woman was about to leap from a 7th floor balcony of a hotel in Las Americas.

Hotel staff let them into the room where officers found a young child asleep unaware of the imminent danger. The woman was sitting on the ledge of balcony with one leg dangling over the edge, staring blankly into the distance saying she was going to jump.

With extreme caution, the officers began talking to the woman, trying to calm her down and dissuade her from jumping. However, as the conversation progressed, the woman shifted her position, moving her other leg toward the edge. It was at that critical moment, the officers swiftly intervened, grabbing her and preventing her from jumping from the balcony.

After ensuring the woman's safety, she received immediate medical attention and was taken to the nearest hospital for further care. The young child, who was unharmed and is in perfect condition, was examined by medical services and subsequently placed under the care of the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office.

This swift and decisive action by the National Police not only averted a tragedy but also highlighted their dedication to protecting lives in high-stress situations. The rescued woman is now receiving the necessary support, while her child remains safe under the appropriate care.