MISSING IN TENERIFE: The search for Jay Slater continues

MISSING IN TENERIFE: The search for Jay Slater continues

The search is still ongoing for 19-year-old Jay Slater from Lancashire who was last seen alive at 8:00am on Monday morning in Tenerife. For the second consecutive day, the Guardia Civil have led search teams looking for the British holidaymaker in the areas around Masca Valley and the Teno Rural Park in the west of the island.

Jay’s disappearance was reported by two friends on Monday morning after they received a call and messages from him saying that he had gone back to an apartment in “the middle of nowhere” after the party on the 3rd day of the NRG Festival at Papagayo in Playa Las Americas.

He said that he didn’t know where he was, had 1% phone battery, and needed some water. However, it is unclear why he didn’t charge his phone or get a drink at the location he stayed the night at, because the Masca trail or Teno Rural Park are not areas you want to be in alone, without the correct footwear or provisions, because of the heat. It is also very easy to veer of course if you leave the main road, without having maps available on your phone.

The search team, which has focused on the Masca Valley and other adjacent ravines today, is made up of agents from the Special Mountain Intervention Rescue Groups (GREIM) who know the area inside out, the canine service (dogs), Civil Protection drones, and security patrols.

In a statement, the Guardia Civil have said that “no hypothesis is ruled out” among the lines of investigation.

The UK’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement of support to Jay’s family and is working in coordination with the island's authorities to try to find his whereabouts.