Luxury cruise ship 'Queen Anne' includes the Canary Islands on maiden voyage

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  • 16-05-2024
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  • Photo Credit: Cunard
Luxury cruise ship 'Queen Anne' includes the Canary Islands on maiden voyage

In a grand unveiling of opulence and adventure, the new luxury cruise liner, the 'Queen Anne,' by Cunard, has chosen the Canary Islands as one of its destinations for its maiden voyage. The majestic vessel is set to grace the shores of Lanzarote tomorrow (Friday), Gran Canaria on Saturday (May 18th) and Tenerife on Sunday, where it will dock from seven in the morning until six in the evening.

But that's not all – as announced on Cunard's website, the Queen Anne has also included the Canary Islands in four of its winter season sailings, beginning in November.

For its inaugural visit, the recently christened Queen Anne, flying the Italian flag, is sailing with a total of 2,996 passengers and 1,225 crew members. Departing from the Port of Southampton, England, it will arrive in the Tenerife capital from Las Palmas, before setting its course for La Coruña, Galicia.

The ship is 322 metres in length and has the capacity to accommodate 3,800 tourists and 1,800 crew members. It is the 249th ship in Cunard's fleet, heralding the first time since 1999 that the company has four cruise liners in operation at the same time.

The impressive Queen Anne completes a fleet of luxury that "honours the names of each British Queen over the last millennium." Cunard was the first company to offer regular transatlantic service, as well as journeys around the globe.

Luxury cruise ship 'Queen Anne' includes the Canary Islands on maiden voyage

Prices for an eight-day voyage range from 1,400 euros to 25,000 euros per person, depending on the route and cabin category, whether interior or deluxe suite. For instance, for one of the 15 day voyages scheduled through the Canary Islands in November, the fare is 1,827 euros for an interior cabin. And for a 113-day journey, covering 32 ports, prices range from 16,874 euros to 115,490 euros per person.

Cunard's newest luxury liner boasts 14 decks, 15 restaurants, pools, a grand theatre with 835 seats, luxury boutiques, a casino, library, spa, and numerous leisure and entertainment areas. Construction of the Queen Anne began in 2019 but was delayed by two years due to the Covid pandemic.

Its spectacular hull is based on the Pinnacle class of ships designed by the Italian shipyards Fincantieri. These shipyards have previously constructed similar vessels for Holland America, Cunard's sister line. Among its most striking features is the iconic red funnel that characterizes the company's fleet, which already boasts 180 years of history and seafaring tradition.

Another notable fact about the new Queen Anne cruise ship is that it is the first in Cunard's fleet to be captained by a woman, Inger Klein. Born in the Faroe Islands, she moved to Denmark in 1989. While still in school, she worked as a stewardess on a cargo ship during holidays. At 16, she joined DFDS Scandinavian as a cadet. In 2010, she joined the Queen Victoria, marking her journey into the esteemed ranks of Cunard's captains.

Luxury cruise ship 'Queen Anne' includes the Canary Islands on maiden voyage