Female tourist saved from drowning in a hotel swimming pool

Female tourist saved from drowning in a hotel swimming pool

A female tourist was saved from drowning in a hotel pool yesterday afternoon (Sunday), by lifeguards at a complex in the south of Fuerteventura whose quick actions with guidance from the SUC over the phone, saved the woman’s life.

The emergency services received an urgent call from the hotel yesterday at 2:55pm requesting medical assistance for a German woman who had been pulled from the pool by lifeguards.

They immediately activated the necessary emergency resources, and whilst on their way, an SUC nurse at the call centre gave instructions over the phone to staff at the hotel so that they could assess the woman’s health more quickly.

When they arrived at the pool paramedics treated the woman, who was showing serious symptoms of near-drowning due to the amount of water she swallowed, before stabilising her so that they could transfer her to the General Hospital in Puerto Rosario for further treatment.

The woman is expected to make a full recovery thanks to the quick reactions of staff at the hotel, and the guidance given by SUC personnel over the phone, highlighting the importance of attending to people immediately in case of emergency to save lives.