Dense fog causes flight disruptions at Tenerife North Airport

  • AENA .
  • 07-07-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: ATC / X
Dense fog causes flight disruptions at Tenerife North Airport

The recurring morning fog typical of this time of year due to the trade winds, has once again disrupted flights at Tenerife North Airport, causing several diversions and delays, resulting in significant waiting times for both departing and arriving passengers.

Yesterday morning (Saturday), the airport was covered in dense fog, leading to the diversion of at least five flights to the Tenerife South Airport due to low visibility. According to Televisión Canaria, three of these flights originated from Madrid, one from Alicante, and one from Gran Canaria.

Regarding delays, AENA has clarified that they didn’t exceed two hours and that operations returned to normal throughout the day. However, passengers on morning flights are advised to check their flight status with their airline and through official channels.

Air Traffic Control explained that visibility was reduced to 400 metres (RVR), which, due to safety procedures, permits only one simultaneous movement on the runway, significantly reducing operational capacity, also reported by Binter airlines who experienced delays, cancellations, and diversions due to adverse weather conditions.

While such incidents are common at Tenerife North Airport during this time of year, authorities are working to minimise the impact.