An Irish tourist is rescued from drowning off Playa Blanca beach

An Irish tourist is rescued from drowning off Playa Blanca beach

A female tourist from Ireland was rescued from drowning in the sea on Playa Blanca beach in Puerto Rosario yesterday afternoon (Monday), by a local resident of Fuerteventura who was on the beach and saw her get into difficulties.

The woman, who was staying at the El Mirador Hotel, was dragged out to sea by the strong current whilst she was swimming, and quickly got into trouble due to the deep swell and big waves, finding it difficult to stay above the water.

However, the quick actions of the anonymous hero saved her from drowning. The man used the OneUP Totem rescue device, which is on the beach in case of emergency, to help the woman, which contains a portable float that activates when it comes in contact with the water, automatically inflating, forming a lifesaving arch.

A few minutes later the Local Police, fire brigade (emergency protocol in case of rescue), and medical personnel arrived at the beach, where the woman was already safely on dry land.

Paramedics checked her over and confirmed that she was in good health and that she was able to return to her hotel to enjoy the rest of her holiday. The police have praised the man for his actions and the effectiveness of the Totem OneUP, a pioneering device in aquatic safety.