6 key factors for choosing a good health insurance in Spain and the Canary Islands

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  • 20-05-2024
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6 key factors for choosing a good health insurance in Spain and the Canary Islands

Its climate, gastronomy and culture mean that many people decide to move to Spain or the Canary Islands and it's important to have a good quality health insurance that also meets the requirements for obtaining the correct Visa or Residency permit.

But do you know what to look out for when choosing a good company? Here are some key factors:

1. Multilingual attention.

The health insurance company must have a multilingual professional team of people giving a personalised attention. It should also have a medical directory that includes international hospitals and clinics delivering medical care in other languages or with a translation service.

2. Close and professional treatment.

Kindness and empathy are much-appreciated values, especially when it comes to health. This means it's essential that company employees are close and helpful in all your dealings with them.

3. Cover for Visa or Residence.

To obtain a Visa or Residence permit in Spain, the company must comply with all the requirements established by Consulates or the Immigration Office. It's also important that the company issues policies in the shortest possible time so the required deadlines can be met.

4. No copayments.

No additional payments should be made for using services included in the policy, as only the premium is paid.

5. Lifetime cover.

You should have peace of mind that your health insurance won’t be cancelled when you reach a certain age and have possibly developed diseases. You shouldn’t have to worry about having to find another health insurance company in Spain that will accept you.

6. No premium increase due to age.

Private health insurance will be cheaper in the long run with a company that won't increase the price when you move from one age bracket to another.

All these factors are met by ASSSA Insurance.

ASSSA is a company with a high degree of specialisation in international citizens. Its health insurances provide medical, surgical and hospital cover, all of which meet the conditions for obtaining a Visa or Residence permit in Spain.

ASSSA Insurance guarantees peace of mind for its Insured. To do this, the company assigns a multilingual contact person from the outset to answer your questions with complete transparency and speed up the process. Plus, they have an extensive and prestigious Medical Directory with the latest technology and direct access to specialists.

With ASSSA, your health in Spain is in good hands. MORE INFORMATION 

6 key factors for choosing a good health insurance in Spain and the Canary Islands