20-year-old is arrested in Adeje for drug dealing

  • Guardia Civil
  • 17-09-2023
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Stock Image
20-year-old is arrested in Adeje for drug dealing

The Guardia Civil have conducted an operation in the south of Tenerife, resulting in the arrest of a 20-year-old male from the town of Adeje on charges of selling drugs. Officers from the “Compañía de las Américas” carried out this arrest as part of their duties in citizen security.

The situation unfolded when the officers were conducting a checkpoint on a nearby road and observed the approach of a vehicle whose driver raised suspicions. In a surprising turn of events, the driver hastily threw two bags out of the car window, containing a white substance.

Without hesitation, the driver attempted to flee on foot, abandoning his car at the scene. Guardia Civil officers swiftly pursued him, successfully detaining him within minutes. Following the arrest, they proceeded to inspect the discarded bags, discovering they contained 22 grams of cocaine inside, along with a sum of cash.

The arrested young man, whose identity has not been disclosed by the police, was immediately placed in custody and transferred to the Court of Instruction number 4 in Arona, where the appropriate legal proceedings will take place.

It is expected that judicial authorities will determine the exact charges to be filed against the individual in connection with drug trafficking.