Two tourists climb Mount Teide naked to promote Naturism

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 13-05-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Facebook: Bruno Suarez
Two tourists climb Mount Teide naked to promote Naturism

Two French-speaking tourists have climbed to the crater of Mount Teide completely naked, carrying a flag advocating "naturism", enduring temperatures as low as 2°C at the summit.

Posting on Facebook, Bruno Suarez said: "If anyone is wondering what clothes you should wear to climb Mount Teide, on April 4th we did it naked from Roques de García with a just 2°C at the top.”

“We departed at 1:30pm and arrived at the cable car at 6:15pm. We then waited for the last cable car and headed to the crater. However, the descent at night was much more difficult because our torches failed and the temperature dropped to below zero so we had to take cover. We finally got back to the car at 1:15am have covered 24.59 kilometres!”

Climbing to the peak of Teide is one of the most sought-after activities in Tenerife, however, it requires a permit for access as well as compliance with certain rules to maintain the environment and preserve safety.


It is mandatory for anyone wishing to access the peak to have a permit, which is requested through an online form. Teide National Park has had to regulate visits to this emblematic and fragile place in order to protect it and offer visitors a higher-quality experience while improving their safety.

Since the number of visitors in the area is limited to a certain quota each day, obtaining prior authorisation is obligatory to access the peak of Teide.

With the authorisation, one can access the peak, although it is not permitted to leave the trail or, therefore, access the interior of the crater. The other two trails that start from La Rambleta, next to the cable car station, towards the viewpoints of Pico Viejo and La Fortaleza, offering excellent views of Las Cañadas, Tenerife, and other islands, can be used freely.

It is also important to highlight that the weather conditions at this altitude are often extreme, both due to cold and wind as well as high sun exposure. Therefore, it is recommended to always wear warm clothing, suitable footwear, and sunscreen, regardless of the time of year, and it is not advisable to do it naked.