Squatters evicted from a 43-unit apartment block in Adeje

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 11-05-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: El Dia
Squatters evicted from a 43-unit apartment block in Adeje

The eviction of occupants from a residential apartment block in the south of Tenerife, located in Tijoco Bajo in the municipality of Adeje, has exposed a troubling issue related to the housing crisis in the Canary Islands: the illicit activities of squatting syndicates who are sub-letting apartments to residents or using them for holiday lets going against the statutes of use.

A spokesperson for Ezproperty Solutions, the company that quickly negotiated agreements with all occupants in less than 30 days, shed light on the situation. Some of the squatters, who have been occupying these houses illegally for over 10 years, were found to be living a lifestyle “inconsistent” with typical squatter profiles.

Among them were people driving luxury cars such as Mercedes and Audis, one with three motorcycles, and some profiting from holiday rentals. Additionally, a significant portion of the occupied houses were managed by organised groups that charged €450 a month in rent.

Ezproperty Solutions, a company specialising in reclaiming squatted properties across the Canary Islands and returning them to their rightful owners in restored condition, spearheaded the operation. Their manager, Roberto Pérez, emphasised their approach: "We negotiate to persuade occupants to vacate the premises as they rightfully belong to others."

"In some cases, vulnerable individuals with limited resources, including those with dependent minors, were involved. We've offered them alternative housing options, particularly those with children," he explained.

Pérez highlighted the challenging dynamics of negotiation, where threats were made to his staff, including one person brandishing a knife. Interestingly, none of the squatters were Canarian, and Ezproperty Solutions provided eviction documentation in five different languages.

Squatters evicted from a 43-unit apartment block in Adeje

Contrary to being solely an eviction company, Ezproperty Solutions prides itself on negotiating solutions and ensuring properties are returned to their rightful owners in optimal condition.

The Tijoco Bajo building, purchased by investors last July while still occupied, will now be delivered fully repaired and ready for legal occupancy.

These investors have also acquired another squatted building, a 16-story structure in San Isidro, demonstrating the growing demand for Ezproperty Solutions' services.

The scourge of squatting disproportionately affects Tenerife's most tourist-heavy areas. For instance, the recent eviction of 90 families from the Chasna building in Costa del Silencio underscores the severity of the issue, particularly concerning vulnerable populations.