Rain is forecast in the Canary Islands until at least the weekend

Rain is forecast in the Canary Islands until at least the weekend

Rain made an appearance in various parts of the Canary Islands yesterday (Tuesday), and according to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), will stay in the archipelago until at least the weekend.

Weak and occasional showers are forecast today in the northern area of the mountainous islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma, and El Hierro), as well as in the southwest of Tenerife (Adeje, Ghuia de Isora, Santiago de Teide) and the east of La Palma.

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura will remain dry with cloudy skies this morning, but clearing during the afternoon.

Temperature changes are also on the horizon, as maximums will experience a moderate decrease in inland and high areas, with a less pronounced drop in low-lying areas and on the coast. Minimum temperatures will remain unchanged or only drop slightly.

The trade winds will blow moderately, with intervals of strong winds and some gusts. However, the intensity may be very strong in the southeast and northwest slopes of the most mountainous islands, especially in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. However, only breezes are expected on southwest coasts.

The weather will be very similar for the rest of the week, although the rain could spread to other areas of Tenerife, the western islands and Gran Canaria, and then to the north on Thursday (May 16th).

According to the latest forecast from Aemet, rain is more likely inland of the most mountainous islands on Saturday, particularly on the southern slopes of these same islands.

Weather forecast for the Islands for today, Wednesday:


Cloudy skies in the north, south, and west slopes, with weak and occasional rains in the north, but unlikely in the south and west. Partly cloudy intervals in the east slope. Moderate trade winds, with intervals of strong winds and occasional gusts locally very strong on the east slope, northwest extremity, and inland areas facing south. They will decrease at the end of the day. Breezes on west coasts.
Temperatures: High of 24°C and low of 18°C.


A cloudy start to the day, decreasing to partly cloudy this afternoon. Occasional scattered showers are not ruled out in the north of the island. Maximum temperatures will drop slightly and minimums will be unchanged. Moderate trade winds with some strong intervals inland during the afternoon.
Temperatures: High of 24°C and low of 17°C.


Predominance of cloudy skies, clearing during the afternoon. Maximum temperatures slightly decreasing, minimums will stay unchanged. Moderate trade winds, with some strong intervals in the west and south of Jandía during the central hours of the day.
Temperatures: High of 23°C and low of 18°C.

Gran Canaria:

The north and northeast of the island will be cloudy with a chance of rain, but will clear this afternoon. In other areas, partly cloudy with occasional cloudy intervals in the south. Temperatures will drop, moderately in inland areas and slightly on coasts. Moderate trade winds, with some very strong on summits and southeast and northwest slopes.
Temperatures: High of 22°C and low of 18°C.