A hiker dies of cardiac arrest in Gran Canaria

A hiker dies of cardiac arrest in Gran Canaria

A 62-year-old female hiker of Swedish origin died yesterday (Tuesday) after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest and collapsing while walking on a route in Veneguera, in the municipality of Mogán in the south of Gran Canaria, as reported by the Emergency Services Coordination Centre (CECOES).

They received an alert just after 2:45pm stating that she needed urgent medical assistance, so immediately dispatched the necessary resources including a GES Helicopter.

Proteccion Civil officers and firemen were the first on the scene and gave first aid to the victim, before boarding the helicopter where they administered CPR while on their way to the helipad at the Doctor Negrín University Hospital in Las Palmas.

As soon as they landed, medical personnel from the SUC continued with advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres during the transfer of the affected person to the hospital's facilities, where unfortunately her death was confirmed.

She will now be officially identified and undergo an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

CECOES reminds everyone that caution should be taken for any form of physical activity in these weather conditions, and stress the importance of keeping hydrated and protected from the sun.